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Clean, enhance, and rejuvenate
your sound.


Improve Voice Recordings

Voice Recordings

Improve Intelligibility

Remove dead air, um's and mistakes. Level out vocals and reduce sibilance.

Noise Reduction Services

Noise Reduction

Eliminate Unwanted Sounds

Reduce background noise and hum. Remove clicks, pops and crackle.

Audio Mixing


Enhance Listening Experience

Apply equalisation and compression to provide balance and colour.

Audio Restoration


Reignite and Preserve

Breathe new life into old, tired and treasured recordings.

Publishing Audio


Spread the Word

Ready your audio files in the correct format for the public domain.

Audio Production



Add intros/outros, advertisements and music into your project.


Spread your message with clarity

Podcasting is a great medium to spread your message. Some basic podcast audio editing can help you stand out from the crowd and add more professionalism to your podcast.

  • Level out vocals
  • Place advertising/intros/outros into the recording
  • Remove unnecessary sounds/pauses
  • Reduce/eliminate background noise & hum

All forms of visual entertainment

Film comes in many shapes and form, I can easily take the raw audio files of your project or both the audio and video to edit. These may include:

  • Short/Long films
  • Documentaries
  • Wedding footage
  • Webinar/Vlog
  • Presentation
  • Instructional content

Zero in on the important stuff

You may have surveillance footage or sound recordings where understanding what is being spoken is of great importance. Depending on the quality of the recording I may be able to help:

  • Reduce background noise to help spoken word stand out.
  • Level out vocals of varying volumes
  • Remove unnecessary sounds

Professionalise your art

Typical music related audio I help with includes:

  • Reducing background noise, bleed or hum from tracks recorded in noisy environments (such as a bedroom or venue).
  • Applying compression and EQ to provide colour and balance between tracks
  • Removing clicks, pops, crackle, thumps, plosives and sibilance.

Your project different?

You may have a project that does not fall into one of the categories above.... no problem! Audio is audio, if your project contains any form of recorded sound I can help you out. If you have a special project please let me know, these could include:

  • Applications
  • Gaming
  • Treasured/important family recordings
  • Presentations, speeches, weddings & funerals

“Alec is professional, knowledgeable, flexible and extremely responsive.  We’ve been thrilled with the quality of work he has done for us – even when it was on a tight schedule! “
Steve Thompson – Founder Value Lifecycle

"Alec does awesome work and acts very proffesionally. Good, fast and reasonably priced!"
Trace Mayer – Host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

“In post-production for our film, Test 82, we were really worried about the quality of some of the audio files. After investigating companies in the UK and the US, we came to Alec for help. The work he did on these files was incredible.  They came back transformed.  He rescued the film.”
James Underhill -

who am i

Alec Wren Portrait

Hey I’m Alec, a qualified Audio Engineer who edits and restores recorded sound for a range of applications. I have been lucky enough to work with professional groups around the globe on projects such as podcasts, film, advertising and more.

There is no project too big or small and I am always looking to work with forward-thinking companies & people with passion for their work. Please feel free to reach out and tell me about your project, I enjoy discussing ideas and finding ways to bring them to life.

As a crypto enthusiast I happily accept cryptocurrencies as payment. If you wish to pay in crypto, please enquire for discounted rates.


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I enjoy hearing about your projects. I’m currently based in Melbourne, but can collaborate with teams and clients remotely. If you have a job to discuss, please contact me below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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